Hand Sanitiser Mint & Eucalyptus
Hand Sanitiser Mint & Eucalyptus

Palmolive® Travel Minis Pack

Palmolive Travel Minis is carry-on friendly and contains Palmolive 2 in 1 Healthy & Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner 90mL, Milk & Honey Body Wash 100mL, Japanese Cherry Blossom Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser 48mL in a reusable carry bag.


- TRAVEL MINI PACK: Palmolive Travel Minis contains 3 airport carry-on friendly products in a reusable carry bag.

- SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: Palmolive 2in1 Healthy & Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner 90mL made with natural fruit extracts instantly smooths every strand of hair.

- BODY WASH: Palmolive Milk & Honey Shower Gel 100mL contains 100% Natural Milk & Honey Extracts for noticeably softer skin.

- INSTANT HAND SANITISER: Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Japanese Cherry Blossom 48mL keeps hands protected from germs wherever you travel.

- TRAVEL PACK: All your travel essentials conveniently made available on the go.



Palmolive does not test on animals


Available in: Travel Minis Pack