As we connect to our native ingredients, we are building new connections with our traditional owners.


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Palmolive Skin Food
Palmolive Skin Food Miranda Tapsell

Miranda Tapsell
Award winning
Actor & Skin
Food Enthusiast

Supporting First Nation Growers

We believe in the power of nature

Girl smelling a flower

and the importance of taking a moment

to awaken your body & mind

Woman washing her hair
A family playing in the grass

and appreciate the simple things

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Committed to environment and product safety

All of the ingredients we use in our products are safe for people and the environment. We’re listening and formulating our products with your feedback and concerns in mind to keep earning your confidence.

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Responsible Sourcing

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to sourcing materials and services responsibly, meaning with the goal of not causing harm to, or exploiting, people or the environment. To support our commitment to Responsible Sourcing we focus on four key pillars: protection of the environment, ethical labour practices, the health & safety of people, and business integrity.

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Responsible Made

Responsibly Made

Our products are made at Colgate-Palmolive facilities that are increasing energy and water efficiency, driving towards zero waste, and adhering to ethical labour practices at every location in the world in which we operate.

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That’s why we are:

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Committed to environment and product safety

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Committed to Responsible Sourcing

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Committed to Making Responsibly