Palmolive® does not test on animals
We care about animal welfare

For over 35 years we have worked towards the elimination of animal laboratory testing. We are proud to say that Palmolive® does not test on animals.

Frequently asked questions

I can’t see ‘not tested on animals’ on my product?

We are updating our packaging at the moment to include this message, keep an eye out!

What process have you followed?

We check with every supplier that we buy ingredients from to ensure that not only is the end product you buy, not tested on Animals, but that what goes into the product will not be tested on Animals.

Are you cruelty free?

Great question, we do not test on Animals, and many of our formulas are vegan. We are a proud supporter of the Voluntary industry code on Animal Test Ban with ACCORD.

What do you mean by vegan?

Many of our products are vegan, when we state vegan on pack it means that there are no animal derivatives

How do you ensure the safety of your products?

Great question, we use a number of non animal testing methods to ensure our product safety.